Where We Started

On A Mission To Empower Companies

At vQuip, we are all about problem solving… Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, the idea for our business actually started on a beach in Florida, with the simple desire to make vacation equipment rentals more accessible and easier to secure. Frustrated by trying to locate beach chairs for the family while on vacation, we had the idea of starting an online platform to put equipment owners together with potential customers. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, that desire to solve a very basic need, grew into an opportunity to become a major solutions provider for a much broader set of industries. The key to our success was simple… we got here by listening. As we explored and expanded in the space, we listened to equipment owners, customers, and insurance companies about the biggest challenges they faced. As we found solutions, more opportunities seemed to surface. From beach equipment, to jet ski and boat rentals, to boat sales, the opportunities kept coming. All with the core goal of providing a safer, more profitable, and affordable marketplace for specialty markets equipment. Our technology eliminates pain points that have been around for decades and makes the rental and sales experience better for everyone involved. Our vQuip family takes great pride in our company being an accessible, high-touch operation that brings together the best of high-tech programming solutions and real world business needs to improve the customer experience. We have an exceptionally talented and diverse team, which we think adds to the creativity of our product offering. We are proud of what we’ve built not only because of the value it provides, but also because of how we built it… from the ground up with people we trust.

Meet Your Team

Cam Serigne

Chief Executive

Jak Farson

Chief Information

Josh Gonzalez

Chief Technology

Jake Serigne

Chief Product

Devin Pike

Chief Sales Director

Yakira Bristol


Haley Dellinger

Account Manager

Jack Freudenthal

Vice President of Product

Jessica Gonzalez

Social Media

Kendall Fischlein

Sales Engineer

Cody Griffis

Sales Engineer

Matthew Jenks

Head of Growth

Alex Hough


Glenard Loy


Baden Pinson


Haleigh Morgan

Sales Engineer

Trevor Collins


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