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The first ever digital risk management platform to be approved by major marine insurance carriers. We help facilitate all of the meticulous policies and procedures that are required by your insurer. This includes customer training, vetting, rental agreement/waivers, GPS tracking tied to specific reservations and more. 


Thanks to our relationships with insurance carriers, your customers will now be able to purchase insurance in their own name for the duration of the rental. vQuip is redefining risk and insurance in the industry, while adding value that was not previously available to rental providers and customers alike.

Comprehensive Network

We’ve built our entire business on relationships! Working with us means having access to information and resources to help your business operate safely and efficiently.¬†Our team will be able to connect you with key businesses to open up new partnership possibilities, allowing you to focus on scaling.

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The only End-to-End software for specialty rental markets.

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We are one of a small number of digital signature platforms to be approved by major marine carriers. No more collecting signatures by pen and paper or paying for a standalone digital signature platform.

Customer Training & Verification

We make sure your renters are receiving training material before their trip to increase awareness and reduce incidents. In addition to training, our proprietary verification system allows you to vet renters without ever having to get on a phone call.


We have created an agnostic GPS data collection tool that can allow us to package equipment location tracking data for risk and insurance purposes. As long as you use one of our telematics partners devices, we can do this at no monthly cost.

On Site Safety

We facilitate the check-in process for all of your rentals to make sure your team members  are not missing any important steps that can leave you open to liability. Our system has built-in validation to enhance accountability at the point of rental. Think of us as your digital team.

Data Logging
& Storage

We securely store all of the data and information from your reservations in our cloud and give you easy access to it forever. Our proprietary logging system creates a documented paper trail that we hope you never need…but will always be there just in case.

Online Booking
& Inventory Management

We also provide the basic necessities for your business such as: custom pricing, Ad Hoc Invoicing, access to data and analytics and of course a scheduling system to manage your fleet.

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